Two new Moorea Funds obtain the LUXFLAG ESG label

Societe Generale Private Wealth Management (SGPWM) has seen its commitment toward a more responsible economy rewarded with the LuxFLAG ESG labelling for the funds « Moorea Fund – Gestion Patrimoniale » and « Moorea Fund – Floating Rate Income ».


LuxFLAG is an independent, non-profit, international association created in Luxembourg in July 2006. The objective of the LuxFLAG ESG Label is to reassure investors that the labelled funds actually incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria throughout the entire investment process.

After obtaining in 2020 a first LuxFLAG label for its funds “ Moorea Fund - Euro Fixed Income " and "Moorea Fund - European Equity Quality Income", SGPWM broadens its range of ESG funds by labeling the funds "Moorea Fund - Asset Management" and "Moorea Fund - Floating Rate Income". This new label is the result of SGPWM's work to combine corporate social responsibility and sustainable financial performance. SGPWM have 430 million euros assets under management labeled with the ESG label from LuxFLAG (at the end of December 2020).

The signing of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) during summer 2020 also illustrates SGPWM's strong commitment to more responsible asset management and its desire to accompany its clients towards greater sustainability.

UN PRI are the most important international initiative on responsible investment. Their objective are to encourage the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investors' investment and ownership decisions. Investment decisions are based on a comprehensive approach combining fundamental and extra-financial analysis of companies.

"This new labeling marks an important step for Societe Generale Private Wealth Management. It demonstrates our determination to approach investments in a different way and affirms our desire to offer a complete range of SRI solutions developed for private investors. We are committed to continuing this dynamic transformation of our MOOREA FUND platform towards strategies dedicated to sustainable and responsible investments." comments Alexandre Cegarra, CEO Societe Generale Private Wealth Management.

“We are pleased to announce that, the « Moorea Fund – Gestion Patrimoniale » and « Moorea Fund – Floating Rate Income » have been granted the use of LuxFLAG ESG Label for a period starting on 01 January 2021 and ending on 31 Dec 2021. The LuxFLAG ESG Label is recognized for its high standards and rigorous assessment of applicant investment funds’ investment strategy, ESG integration into the investment process as well as an affirmation of their transparency to investors which are all key components of the Eligibility Criteria of LuxFLAG ESG Label”. Said Sachin Vankalas, General Manager of LuxFLAG.

Moorea Fund - Gestion Patrimoniale is a fund based on an unconstrained and opportunistic "Total Return" strategy that takes advantage of variable market conditions. The management implemented has a particularly innovative character with the combination of two complementary sources of return: a bond management complemented by an opportunistic diversification in structured products. The fund's philosophy is to seek stable and regular performance while controlling risk throughout the economic cycle.

Moorea Fund - Floating Rate Income is a bond fund designed to take advantage of a rising interest rate environment by investing primarily in floating-rate instruments. The fund aims to deliver yield and capital growth through dynamic exposure to euro-denominated floating-rate debt instruments. The fund invests mainly in Investment Grade bonds issued by companies, governments or public institutions. The average duration of the portfolio is kept below 1.


Before subscribing, investors should consult the full prospectus of the sub-fund, the KIID, the periodic reports, the annual financial statements as well as the articles of association, available free of charge on www.sgpwm.societegenerale.com. The Key Investor Information Document should be read before making any investment decision.