Two Moorea Fund obtain the Luxflag ESG Label

Societe Generale Private Wealth Management (SGPWM) has seen its commitment toward a more responsible economy rewarded with the LuxFLAG ESG labelling for the funds “Moorea Fund – Euro Fixed Income » and « Moorea Fund – European Equity Quality Income ».


LuxFLAG is an independent, non-profit, international association created in Luxembourg in July 2006. The objective of the LuxFLAG ESG Label is to reassure investors that the labelled funds actually incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria throughout the entire investment process.

The labelling of the two Moorea funds is the result of the work carried out by Societe Generale Private Wealth Management to combine corporate social responsibility and sustainable financial performance in the management of its funds. Investment decisions rely on a global approach combining fundamental and extra-financial analysis of companies.

" We are pleased to announce that Moorea Fund – Euro Fixed Income and Moorea Fund – European Equity Quality Income have been granted the use of the LuxFLAG ESG label. The LuxFLAG ESG label recognizes Moorea’s ESG approach, integration efforts as well as their transparency to investors, which are all key components of the eligibility criteria of the LuxFLAG ESG label."  Sachin Vankalas, General Manager of LuxFLAG

Launched in 2014, Moorea Fund – Euro Fixed Income is a flexible fixed income fund. The philosophy of the fund is to seek a stable and recurring income stream while controlling risks throughout the economic cycle. While maintaining an “Investment Grade” credit profile, the fund has full flexibility to seize opportunities across all segments of the fixed income market including sovereign debt, corporate debt, emerging debt, convertible bonds as well as structured products.

Moorea Fund – European Equity Quality Income invests solely in high-quality companies demonstrating strong resilience regardless of the macroeconomic environment. The fund focuses on companies that offer a strong business model as well as financial strength, efficient and sustainable capital allocation and an attractive valuation. Proven over the years within SGPWM discretionary mandates, this strategy is proposed through the Moorea fund since the beginning of year.


Before subscribing, investors should consult the full prospectus of the sub-fund, the KIID, the periodic reports, the annual financial statements as well as the articles of association, available free of charge on www.sgpwm.societegenerale.com. The Key Investor Information Document should be read before making any investment decision.