A complete and innovative management offer

Our strength lies in our flexibility and reactivity, by offering to our clients solutions that suits to their specific goals and tailored to the market environment. We offer an access to a diversified range of asset classes: equities, bonds, commodities, structured products, derivatives and primary market, on the main international markets.

  • A tailor-made approach: In order to meet your needs, SGPWM provides personalised answers, from fund-based strategies to more sophisticated direct holdings strategies. Our wide range of solutions covers all asset classes and geographic areas.

  • A patrimonial approach: Our management aims a balanced growth and a long term protection of your wealth, especially by the use of derivatives and the access to specific markets.

  • An opportunistic approach: Our philosophy is proactive. Thanks to a permanent market monitoring and macroeconomic analysis, we exploit the opportunities by proposing management strategies adapted to the market environment.

Whatever the management type you choose, your portfolio manager closely monitors performance and risk in your portfolio on an ongoing basis. Periodic reports allows you to monitor your investments evolution.