SGPWM launches a new investment fund addressing climate change

As environmental and societal challenges grow, our clients are looking for purpose with more meaningful investments. To meet their need, in line with the Group's commitments, Societe Generale Private Wealth Management is launching a new fund dedicated to climate change: "Moorea Fund - Sustainable Climate Action".

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Resulting from the synergy between the Private Bank's two asset management companies - Société Générale Private Wealth Management and SG 29 Haussmann - this fund is aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Climate change being a major challenge for our society, it is at the heart of all concerns; throughout the world, companies, governments, and citizens are mobilizing to address it.

Owing to this growing awareness, the levers for a climate change have been clearly identified: new legislations, changes in the demand and the economies. Companies at the heart of this change are gradually committing themselves and creating new investment opportunities. In this new context, which is increasingly favorable to eco-sectors and facilitates environmental initiatives, we believe it is essential to guide clients towards positive impact investments.

In the long term, we believe that companies that take into account environmental and social concerns and that maintain a high level of corporate governance will be key investments. This sustainable approach allows us to capture the dynamics of the equity markets and to link them to the development of eco-sectors.

Our focus is to offer a fund that seeks long-term capital appreciation and to generate a positive environmental impact through investments in equities issued by companies operating in sustainable eco-sectors and developing solutions that actively contribute to the environmental transition. Sustainable eco-activities include - but are not limited to - renewable energy, energy efficiency, green mobility, green buildings, sustainable water and agriculture, and the circular economy.

Building on an investment philosophy initiated several years ago, this fund specifically aims to:

  • Invest in international companies with a high environmental impact,
  • Deliver a carbon intensity significantly lower than 20% compared to the MSCI World All Country Index (MSCI ACWI Index),
  • Deliver a portfolio aligned with the Paris scenario - maximum warming of the earth's temperature of 1.5 to 2°C above pre-industrial levels.


This fund is the culmination of significant fundamental and quantitative research. It provides our clients with a high-performance solution that reconciles the protection of their savings with the pursuit of sustainable development objectives," comments Guillaume de Martel, Executive Chairman of SG 29 Haussmann.

We want to offer a complete range of solutions and strategies dedicated to sustainable and responsible investments and developed for private investors. We are indeed convinced that a strong corporate social responsibility policy is synonymous with sustainable financial performance, explains Alexandre Cegarra, CEO of SGPWM.

To ensure the consistency of the proposed initiatives, the companies selected for the "Moorea Fund: Sustainable Climate Action" meet both ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria and rigorous financial criteria. In addition to a solid and established business model, companies must have sustainable growth prospects, a strong balance sheet and a proven ability to earn an appropriate return on equity.

Finally, this UCITS fund has a European passport meeting the highest level of European regulation on sustainable finance (SFDR* art.9) and has a UCITS 6 risk/return profile.

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